The Camping plot:

Camping plot is at least 10×8 m and is bounded on the side of a power pole and a yellow mark.

Note about parking of motor homes


There are two types of power outlets at Aspen Camping:

elkontakter21  elkontakter22

Most of the jacks are of the left-type but also the right variant occurs.

Ensure that your cables have connectors that fit into these, alt. connect the adapter.

Shower Automatic:

Shower card is the same card as you open the gate with. Shower time must always be bought at reception.

You can always check the contents of the card reader attached to the door of the sanitery building.

In the shower:

  • Hold the card near the reader, about 5 cm, it is heard as a “click” from the tap.
  • Press the shower button.
  • Set the desired temperature.

Duschautomatik sv


Kod för anslutning är “aspen” kort och gott.